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There's a lot of good websites out there. These are a few I have found that I want to share with you and share with my future self.

It's mostly blogs writing about software development. I read a lot of them.

A Very Good Blog

by Keenan

ample code

by Einar Høst

Bob Monsour

Chelsea Troy

Computer Things

by Hillel Wayne

Eric Bailey

Evan Boehs

Felienne Hermans

Good Tech Things, the comics

by Forrest Brazeal

Good Tech Things, the newsletter

by Forrest Brazeal

Infrequently Noted

by Alex Russell


Jim Nielsen's blog

Kartik Agaram

Luna's Blog

Making Tech Better

season 1 hosted by Clare Sudbery

Marvin Hagemeister

Oddly Influenced

by Brian Marick

Sara Joy

Scott O'Hara

Simpler Machines

by Nat Bennett