Having fun with SVG text

Please let me ramble at you.

Oops, I made code review painful

A few months ago I wrote a post suggesting that you should limit your pull request reviews to their bare essentials, the "bare essentials" here meaning "bugs and irreversible design decisions." I've had the chance to try doing this at work, and now I can share my findings with you:

Boy howdy, I do not enjoy this at all.

A corner-cutter's confession

Listen. I know I should have done this one better.

'Technical debt' is an incomplete model

We throw around the "technical debt" metaphor a lot in software development. On project after project, we experience the system becoming harder to change as we work on it. Rushed design decisions come back to bite us in the butt. Progress slows to a crawl. We say we have accrued a lot of "technical debt."

I am a social animal

I do not thrive alone at the computer. I do not thrive in peace and quiet. I do not thrive with a well-defined problem in front of me, with my headphones on, and a whole day ahead of me before I have to interact with another human.

I cope with it.

Enforcing advanced type constraints with class constructors in TypeScript

For those really hard-to-define types.

Using TypeScript to prevent common mistakes

A partial answer to what I like about static type systems.

Code reviews are overloaded

On the pains of mandated code reviews, and how to reduce them.